mercredi 5 juin 2013

Black & White Doodles & Sketches

D666, a.k.a. "Country Lane to Hell".

The charming Lady Pembridge of Morley.

Illustration sketch for a canceled project. Inspired by Casanova.

"You, know, doc... my teeth, they're all I've got."

Little tree folliage sketch

Macbeth Witches


My infusion is scary.

The Great Devonian Exodus

The Tall Horse That Grew a Beard.


Pschiiit. Pschiiit. Pschiiit.

The super charming Elizabeth Bennet

A Centaur.

Smart-message in a smart-bottle.

I Can Do Speed Paintings Too!

2 commentaires:

Eléonore Gil a dit…

Waw. Une bonne claque, comme à chaque fois !

armel a dit…

Merci, Éléonore. Et toi, que deviens-tu?