mardi 8 avril 2008

un monotype coloré - a monotype in color

Moi / Me. monotype sur papier
monotype on paper
- 13x9 cm. 2008

Premier essai de monotype en couleur. J'ai retouché l'impression dans certaines couleurs claires qui ne gardaient pas la fraîcheur de la couleur telle que je l'imaginais en peignant la plaque. La peinture à l'huile et le diluant, si déposés en une seule couche, ont tendance à foncer le papier, si bien que pour avoir une idée du résultat tel qu'il sera imprimé, il est sans doute préférable de peu diluer la couleur, mais de peindre très légèrement, et de le faire sur une plaque de cuivre plutôt qu'avec la méthode du plexiglas posé au dessus d'une feuille de papier blanc, support trop lumineux.

My first color monotype. I painted a bit over some lights areas of the print, where it was more darker than I thought it would be while painting. A sole layer of oil and mineral spirits tends to darken paper, so that it is difficult to to get an idea of the brightness of the print. My guess it is better to avoid painting with much mineral spirit and impastos ; and to use a copper plate rather than a plastic one over a white sheet of paper, so that you see the picture quite dark, with the copper appearing underneath. You'd be easily fooled by the brightness of the paper when using a plastic plate.

10 commentaires:

Cécile a dit…

Absolument digne de figurer en bonne place au Salon du Dessin ;)

armel a dit…

Heureusement que tu es là, Cécile! Ton commentaire est adorable.

Eric Orchard a dit…

Really wonderful! I loved doing monotypes in school. I'm suprised you don't see more of it in illustration. I like "painterly" look of this.

armel a dit…

Thanks,Eric. I don't know how it is in America, but here in France I think it is hard to find books with illustrations in monotype. I guess art directors are not that interested in this kind of pictures ; too "painterly" indeed.

Sorrentino a dit…

beautiful work! I really like your watercolors,sketches and monotypes!!
Are you a fan of Barry Windsor Smith?

armel a dit…

Thanks, Sorrentino! (and you've got beautiful pictures on your blog.)

I'm fond of BWS's work, indeed. I especially love his B&W drawings, his quite classical manner.

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